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GainClients, Inc. (GCLT)

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GainClients, Inc. is a technology provider to the real estate industry, including real estate agents/brokerages, loan officers/mortgage brokerages and title and escrow officers/companies, insurance agents/companies and consumers. The Company recently released the next generation of its SikkU (seek-u) software service, the GCard, a multi-platform (web, text, mobile web and iPhone/Android App) that builds and promotes relationships among real estate professionals and their clients.

A progressive networking system, the GCard gives real estate agents, lenders, retailers, title reps, and/or insurance agents the means to provide the information consumers want and need and professionals the ability to network with each other and better serve their clients. When participating professionals share their clients with each other, relationships become fluid, are virally grown and developed within each team’s network.

Similar to other popular online networks, professional users can invite clients and their industry partners to join their GCard network and be featured as a trusted team member. Teams can then provide real estate, lending and title services and information as they do in real life with the use of technology, a preferred method of consumers.

The SikkU GCard is a new way to create, build, and continue relationships between real estate professionals and their clients in a preferred environment with accurate real estate data that is accessible via smart phones and the web.


ABOUT GainClients, Inc., (“GCLT”) formed in 2001 as a Florida corporation, is a software service company developing marketing services for real estate professionals and valuable home search and area information for consumers. Currently, GCLT is promoting its new service The GCard, a web and mobile real estate network for industry professionals and consumers. The GCard brings the entire real estate industry together within one online/mobile platform via a text and/or email invitation process similar to other online networks. The company’s stock is currently trading on the OTC Markets exchange and is located in Tucson, AZ.



GainClients, Inc. Enters Into A Licensing Agreement with Real Estate Technology Upstart CLOVIS, LLC To Expand Its Technology Platform

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Investor FAQ

Q. When and where was GainClients, Inc. incorporated?

GainClients, Inc. was formed as a Florida Corporation in January 2001 and began operations in March 2001.

Q. Where are the Company's headquarters?

6245 E. Broadway Blvd, Suite 400 Tucson, AZ 85711
Phone: 800-920-1605; 520-327-2366 Fax: 800-930-1605; 520-844-8047

Q. What is GainClients' ticker symbol?

Our ticker symbol is GCLT.

Q. What exchange is GainClients trading on?

OTC Markets

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