GainClients, Inc. Releases Version 1.8 of its GCard Service

PRNewswire/ — GainClients, Inc. (OTC: GCLT) (“GainClients”) announced it has released a new version of its real estate software, the SikkU GCard, that has several new features requested by real estate professional customers.

For Consumers, version 1.8 includes an account for consumers providing the ability to save and view favorite properties, view recent Home Scoop™ reports and a unique dashboard to track and review all home search activity via web and mobile.

For professional users, the new version includes enhanced GCard sharing, which can be done via text and email and the ability to save and categorize new network contacts according to their type, i.e. other real estate professionals and consumer/clients.

The release also added a Newsletter service that Professionals can send out to clients containing information about their home, homes for sale, neighborhoods and comps. The Company will continue to add other information modules to the Newsletter service creating a robust service for professional users.

“Our initial customers provided valuable feedback on the product and we have delivered with this release,” stated Ray Desmond, the Company’s CEO and President. “The new GCard is flexible and allows us to easily add features and enhancements and integrate with other services. Each software update containing new components will be dedicated to connecting consumers and real estate professionals, thereby strengthening their relationships in the buy/sell process.”

About GainClients, Inc.
GainClients, Inc. trades on the OTC Market under the symbol GCLT. Its product, SikkU, is relationship building and sales enhancement service for the real estate industry. GainClients generates revenue through monthly subscriptions from organizational, enterprise accounts, individual real estate, mortgage, title and escrow professionals, along with real estate related organizations such as banks, credit unions, real estate and lender brokerages, title and escrow and insurance companies. The service is available via the web, text and mobile applications. Learn more at

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