GainClients, Inc. Moving The Real Estate Industry Into The 21st Century With The GCard

PRNewswire/ — GainClients, Inc. (OTC: GCLT) (“GainClients”) has released its new “Enterprise” component to the latest version of its real estate software, the SikkU GCard. The Enterprise capability technically creates a tiered linking of all of the relationships involved in a home buy/sell event from an organizational level to individual real estate professionals and consumers.

“It’s time for the real estate industry to move into the 21st century; every transaction requires a team of professionals, but the process has yet to be successfully duplicated online and on mobile devices, until now. We predict the GCard will create an interruptive change in the way consumers shop for, buy and sell homes,” according to Ray Desmond, the president of GainClients, Inc.

Desmond’s goal is to create thousands of real estate relationships on the GCard by year-end with the Enterprise layer and the service’s web and mobile real estate network. He has also been quick to emphasize that the new GCard is meant to support the work of industry professionals. Real estate agents remain the center of the process; in fact, unlike existing online portals, access to the real estate data and tools are only available with the involvement of a participating agent. Agents then connect with lenders and title partners via the online and mobile network and are introduced to their clients and vice-versa, creating real relationships among all users.

“Imagine receiving introductions to new clients directly from other real estate professionals. This is how the GCard creates real, legitimate relationships on its online/mobile real estate network,” says Desmond. The new Enterprise component opens-up the GCard platform to allow all of these professionals to join the network, connect, service each other’s customers, and create new relationships online and on apps, where consumers are.

For consumers, the GCard provides accurate listing data, historical property data, neighborhood information and demographics. Each consumer has one team of professionals and can search for homes without being pressured by several unsolicited calls and/or emails. The consumer tools include loan payment calculators, loan rates, closing cost estimators and more–what is needed to make intelligent buying and selling choices.

About GainClients, Inc.
GainClients, Inc. trades on the OTC Market under the symbol GCLT. Its product, the SikkU GCard, is a web and mobile web real estate networking platform for the real estate industry and consumers. GainClients generates revenue through monthly subscriptions from organizational and individual real estate, mortgage, title and escrow professional accounts. The service is available via the web, text and mobile applications. Learn more at

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