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Daily Opportunity Service

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Automate Your Leads

Get ahead of agent referrals with this simple and powerful tool that generates warm leads from your existing client data.

The Daily Opportunities Service is an automated alert system that generates leads for lenders and title reps. The innovative software monitors your prior client database and sends a notification within 48 hours of a client’s decision to sell AND likely buy a new home.

It also puts you in the right place, at the right time to pre-qualify the buyers of the house your prior clients are selling. You will have the opportunity to create a new relationship with the real estate agent your client or seller is working with. All of this data is at the tip of your fingers with a sleek dashboard where you can monitor and follow up on your daily opportunities.

Save yourself time and effort while increasing sales and growing your network!

How it Works

01.Secure Client Data Submission

Submit your prior clients’ addresses to our website. All data is protected through a secure network connection.

02.Client Data Monitoring

Daily Opportunity Service will compare your existing client data against new entries every day in search of new opportunities.

03.The Perfect Match!

When a match is made, we’ll deliver it to your Daily Service Opportunity dashboard where you can monitor all of your incoming leads.

04.Take Action

You work from your dashboard to follow up with clients who you already know, and who are currently in need of your service. It’s simple!

Daily Opportunity Service can help you make the most out of your existing client network. Watch to find out how!

Daily Opportunity Services Quick Facts

A lender participated in a 6 month beta program for Daily Opportunity Services in 5 markets. During this period 629 prior clients were contacted by the lender.
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