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GCard: It’s All About Relationships

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A Progressive Networking System for Real Estate Professionals and Their Clients

GCard Is Designed To Build And Promote Relationships

Using the GCard, agents and brokers have the means to offer real estate, lending and title services information through an integrated, web-based network.

Professional users can invite clients and their industry partners to join their GCard networks and be featured as trusted team members. Quickly and easily provide real estate, lending and title services and information to consumers via smartphone and web.

Make Networking Easy with GCard

Connect with Clients Like Never Before

Provide your clients with top notch real estate tools to help them find the home of their dreams. Connect them with your professional network, to get from home searching, to moving in.

Send Your Mobile App To Your Client's Device

Click the share button and send your app to your client via text or email. As easily as you take out your wallet to give out a card, your app can be on your client’s phone.

An Extensable Toolset That is Branded to You

All of our real estate tools are branded for you and your company with no outside advertising. Give your clients a specialized real estate experience.

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